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What should be top of mind for your HR Manager

There are constant changes happening in the Human Resources space, so it can be important as a higher-up to acknowledge the constant changes and how those changes can impact your company. 

What does an HR Manager do? 

The role of an HR Manager might look different every day, but in general, their role falls under anything to do with:

  • Employee Recruitment
  • Learning and Development Programs
  • Adjustment to Employee Handbooks and Manuals
  • Payroll Management
  • Compliance
  • Culture Issues (We’ll expand more on this later) 
  • And so much more! 

Not sure what a Learning and Development program is? Learn more here

Throughout these daily tasks, there are current adjustments and guidelines that your HR Manager should be aware of to avoid key risks. 

DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) 

Diversity Equity Inclusion covers a wide range of topics and individuals. As an HR Manager, it can be helpful to know what regulations and HR Law changes might be coming up in the new year. 

Does the phrase “HR Law” send chills down your spine? Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, Kristi Pastore explains the importance of HR law in the workplace and its relation to company culture here

The Chief Diversity Officer at the University of Michigan, Robert Sellers, explains the difference between classifications: 

“Diversity is where everyone is invited to the party, Inclusion means that everyone gets to contribute to the playlist, and Equity means that everyone has the opportunity to dance.” 

Under the role of implementing DEI efforts into company culture there are many topics, groups, and identifications that could come up including: 

  • Age
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Marital Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Socioeconomic Standing
  • Gender Identity
  • Mental and Physical ability
  • Veteran status 

Keeping this list of factors in mind when cultivating a company culture through HR is essential for making that culture a positive one. 

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management states that as a reflection and goal for the future, “Government-wide, we have made important progress toward hiring a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, and we will continue to pursue that goal. But merely hiring a diverse workforce is not enough.” 

This mentality is one that will lead towards a more positive workplace and one that HR managers should do their best to follow.

Technology Advancements

There are a LOT of tools out there that can assist any HR Manager in their role. GetApp outlines some of the most-used programs used in the HR space in 2021. Here’s a couple of the most popular HR technology tools: 


Rippling is a platform that lets you “Effortlessly manage your employees’ payroll, time & attendance, benefits, compliance, and more— all in one place.” 


Beekeeper makes reaching frontline workers easier, and also has a feature that helps, “Build a company culture that transcends language barriers through automated translations.” 


Monday.com is committed to streamlining all of your HR processes on one collaborative platform. This includes:

  • Onboarding
  • HR requests
  • Employment engagement surveys
  • Vacation requests
  • Event planning

It’s time to upgrade the way you manage HR and lean into the perks of the rise of technology. 


Regulatory and business compliance is difficult to manage. This is a huge topic to dive into, but in general, your HR Manager should be fully knowledgeable of the following acts.

Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

The U.S. Department of Labor claims that the FLSA, “Establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting employees in the private sector, and in Federal, State, and local governments.” 

Equal Employment Opportunity

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission has a page dedicated to updated law that would apply to HR, which can be found here

How we work with Internal HR Stakeholders

Culture Works believes that fractional HR relationships are built on the idea of adding another team member (or members) to your existing team. The fractional team partners with your in-house HR stakeholder and team to develop a strategic partnership. 

Learn about what working with an outsourced company would look like here

A Letter from our CEO

­­­I started Culture Works with the intention of building people with an outcome of building a business. What better way to do that than have a focus on Culture, Talent, and HR? I believe in empowering people with information and experiences, so they can make informed decisions and drive their own purpose.

What You Need to Know about HR Law… But First, Coffee!

You might hear the phrase “HR law” and want to run for the hills. But don’t fret, it’s not as scary as it sounds! Human Resources law is what makes the workforce world go-’round, and is key to understanding culture when running a business (and as an employee).

New California HR Law Updates

Cal Saver Program

Cal Savers is a state run retirement savings program. Private sector employers in California with five or more employees must participate in CalSavers if they do not already have a workplace retirement plan in place.  Employees working for eligible employers will be automatically enrolled in the Cal Savers plan, but can opt out of it.