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Culture Works is not a fractional HR model. We are an integrative service partner. Our team needs one internal HR team member, the  “stakeholder” and one C-Suite company owner to commit to the partnership and engagement. We also have to ask a couple of things first to understand how we can best provide service.

  • What lifecycle stage is your company in?
  • What is your purpose and what are your goals?
  • What support and service are you looking for?

Identifying these areas allows us to understand how our services fit into your purpose and goals. We are then able to align and integrate so we can recommend the right assessment: Culture, Talent, or HR.

After a collaborative assessment, we are able to guide you through the right Culture, Talent, and HR initiatives to build a collective roadmap that drives results.

Culture Operations.

Focused on the strategic, reactive and integrated improvement of your Culture, Talent, and HR initiatives.

Serving small to mid-sized businesses who need an extended integrative fractional partner. Culture, Talent, and HR support with our hands-on consultant of service approach to positively impact Purpose, People, and Process. We learn your success roadmap to help build for your future while supporting your day-to-day HR Stakeholders and the Owner Operators that need additional partners.
Every engagement is assigned a Dedicated Team Member. Your Dedicated Team Member partners directly with you and your HR Stakeholder. Our Culture Operations Specialist team is ready to dive in when needed and to recommend, support or implement best practices and processes along the way.
After learning where you are in your business lifecycle through our signature Assessment process, we collaborate to create and implement a custom Quarterly Game Plan to drive results and work as an extension of your team.

Repeatable lasting people and processes that improve culture and HR

  • Game Plans that create opportunity, not busy work
  • Culture enhancements that create buy-in and improve morale
  • Impactful HR infrastructure upgrades Alignment of organizational culture and business goals to integrate HR Operations,
  • Build Culture Operations and Develop Culture Accountability


Simply put: We find and place bright, motivated people that are invested in your company’s purpose, culture, and success.

We work to understand how your existing team contributes to your company culture which sets the foundation for this engagement. Our customized recruitment process gives your hiring managers an effective and efficient way to get the right people into the right roles.

We are passionate about value & role alignment. We implement a values based recruiting process to attract, acquire, and retain exceptional talent that fits your culture and grows with your company.

We align with your internal hiring team to create and implement a customized recruitment strategy from one of our two packages.

Integrative Hire (iHire):

  • Extension of your HR that creates or expands ongoing recruiting initiatives Full cycle coordination of recruitment efforts
  • Evaluating and creating attractive and competitive job descriptions
  • Scouting and screening of active applicants
  • Candidate recaps and hiring manager debrief sessions

Strategic Recruitment

Everything in Integrative Hire plus…

  • Actively targeting the best candidates for those hard-to-fill roles
  • Confidential headhunting of passive candidates
  • Guaranteed placements


10 – 20 – 30

Due Diligence

GameTIME Learning & Development

Identifying and developing managers or leaders at every level is the most important investment that can be made in your organization.


Culture Works builds custom training based on your specific needs. We work with you to capture your culture success roadmap so we can innovate & impact! Our onsite and virtual training sessions fit your cadence and align with your business objectives.


Manager and Leadership development creates empowered and effective team members with better communication and improved productivity. Effective leaders foster a strong culture that contributes to increased employee retention, improved productivity, and ultimately accelerates your company’s success.


Our custom training modules develop the skills your people need while enhancing skills they already possess. Each session places an emphasis on teaching leaders to operationalize company values in every decision they make.


All training modules incorporate custom content and takeaways based on your team’s lifecycle and organizational goals.

Emotionally Ambitious Series

Addressing the needs of leaders ready to step up to the next level

Emotional Intelligence

Creating awareness of and strategies to be the best performer and overcome self- limiting beliefs

WorkStyle Assessments with Team Building
Leading Strengths, Styles and Motivators with Clifton and DiSC assessment tools

Leadership Development

Group sessions focused on interactive, effective, and impactful leadership strategies

Leadership Enhancement Session

1:1 coaching and or 360s

HR and People Operations focused culture initiatives, how when and what to do to motivate your team. All levels including Supervisor -> Manager & Manager -> Leader

Role Alignment & Career Pathing

Goal-setting and strategic self-improvement to reach your true potential

Career Transition Coaching

Off-boarding and intentional career, role- aligned and value-aligned transition strategy and implementation

Inclusion and bias awareness

Removing bias to create a culture of equity and inclusion through self awareness training

At Culture Works, our services provide the processes to operationalize culture in your organization.

Intentional Culture Works for businesses.  Collaborative Culture Works for employees.  Healthy Culture Works internally in companies to facilitate organizational change. Values-Driven Culture Works to make productivity soar and reduce churn.

Culture, Talent & HR Assessments

The Culture Works assessment process is an opportunity to examine the current landscape of your culture, your talent strategy, and your internal HR practices & infrastructure.

Through our assessments we are able to identify areas of opportunity and potential risks, allowing us to prioritize action items and create a collaborative, focused Quarterly Game Plan.

Culture Operations.

Our goal is to work with you for as long as you and your stakeholders need us!  We do this by operationalizing your culture, fostering the development of your leadership teams, and driving HR initiatives.  We build Quarterly Game Plans that are focused on Culture, Talent and HR initiatives and results.

Integrative HR Support.

A team of Culture Operations Specialists directly supports your HR infrastructure and process improvements. Working to provide culture enhancements that create buy-in and a happy workforce results in repeatable, lasting processes that improve culture and HR.

Integrative Hire & Recruiting

Role alignment is at the core of our recruiting process.  As we examine the culture of your company we will help ensure that the people you hire are aligned with your company values. Operationalized values facilitate clear role alignment for employees, which supports a strong company culture.

Learning & Development

Our custom training modules develop the skills your people need while enhancing skills they already possess. The results of our leadership training program are: Empowered & Effective Leaders, Improved Communication & Collaboration, Operationalized Values, and Identification of High Performers.

What our clients say.

“As business owners, we are always cognizant of our expenses and concerned for the bottom line.  As such, historically we dismissed the need to provide professional training and direction to our management team and instead spent our time and efforts “telling” our managers what we expected.

We evaluated our results and realized we were spending all of our time redirecting our management team and dealing with unacceptable turnover. In 2016, we made a dramatic and calculated move to invest in our management team. We reached out to Culture Works and developed a specific training program that provided guidance and evaluation of our entire leadership team. It has turned out to be one of the greatest investment we have ever made. With the help of Culture Works, we have been able to identify and manage out, leaders that did not reflect our company values. Moreover, we have been able to utilize their expertise to recruit, retain, and develop the best management team our company has ever had.”

Kurt Lester

Partner – Servi-Tek Commercial Building Services

We can’t thank Culture Works enough for the efforts they continually put into building the relationship with all of us here at BJ’s Rentals! We appreciate the insights CW has and the constant encouragement to be the best we can be.

We have certainly benefited with CW coming in and providing a fresh perspective on our day-to-day operations. As a results-driven company, CW has been able to help us improve our operations and efficiencies in the busiest aspect of our business. Operational inefficiencies in key areas were identified and processes of measuring effectiveness as well as improving communication were implemented. We appreciate the integrity and genuine enthusiasm of the entire CW team. It was money well spent.

Brad Thomas

Owner – BJs Commercial Equipment Rentals

“Culture Works has provided us with excellent customer service, expertise, and a sense of calm since partnering with them.  We are a small business that doesn’t need a full-time human resources employee but strives to know we are following State and Federal laws. Culture Works ensures all our questions are answered in a timely manner, creates and/or provides current compliant documents for human resources related items, and guides us through any human resource-related processes we encounter in our day-to-day operations.

They most recently helped us to develop a COVID reopening plan that met all our regulatory agency requirements.  This has been a huge relief given all the different guidance that must be cross-referenced to ensure compliance.  We can say without a doubt we would refer Culture Works for any size company looking for human resource experts!”

Lisa Lee

Owner – Accredited Aesthetician Academy