Quick Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to operationalize culture?

We put systems and processes in place, provide leadership training, and foster culture alignment. Resulting in your company culture becoming part of every internal process and interaction. Culture drives operations and operations run smoothly thanks to culture.

What’s the ROI on bringing you in?

Culture is one of the most powerful business performance drivers. It has a tremendous impact on ROI in terms of retention, recruitment and goal achievement. Culture, however, can’t be viewed simply as perks and social activities, but as the foundation that informs employee engagement. It is critical to measure, manage and invest in cultural alignment to ensure organizational health

How long does culture operations take?

How jacked up is your culture? All kidding aside, that varies widely.  Our minimum effective engagement is 3 months.  We have clients with whom we have been engaged for 2+ years in different roles and to various degrees of intensity.  On average 9 – 12 months is a typical engagement.

What if I just need help with one thing?

That certainly depends on what you need help with! We are not a project-based organization.  We work with our clients over time to create lasting organizational change.  Let’s talk and see what problem you’re trying to solve.

What is a Quarterly Game Plan (QGP)?

The Culture Works QGP is a collaborative roadmap meant to review the progress we have made as an extension of your team and pave the way for the upcoming quarter’s initiatives.  The QGP is a working blueprint that changes as initiatives come to the forefront and others are accomplished and can move off the front burner.

Are you recruiters?

We create strategic recruiting plans and assist in the process of finding the right role-aligned candidate to support your team.  Traditionally, recruiters have been seen as aggressive head hunters trying to put butts in seats.  That’s not us.  But yes, we do actively participate in your hiring process to ensure the right candidates find the right roles.

Do you do all the HR work for us?

We do not. For our team to be effective, we need an internal stakeholder in an HR role.  We support that person by operationalizing all of the tasks around them so they can be effective in their job and not bogged down in busywork.

Can we safely go back to in-person work? 

The California Dept. of Labor provides guidance on moving through stages of reopening different sectors after the statewide stay-at-home order:
1. Stage 1: Safety and preparedness
2. Stage 2: Lower-risk workplaces
3. Stage 3: Higher-risk workplaces
4. Stage 4: End of Stay Home Order


What our clients say.

“As business owners, we are always cognizant of our expenses and concerned for the bottom line.  As such, historically we dismissed the need to provide professional training and direction to our management team and instead spent our time and efforts “telling” our managers what we expected.

We evaluated our results and realized we were spending all of our time redirecting our management team and dealing with unacceptable turnover. In 2016, we made a dramatic and calculated move to invest in our management team. We reached out to Culture Works and developed a specific training program that provided guidance and evaluation of our entire leadership team. It has turned out to be one of the greatest investment we have ever made. With the help of Culture Works, we have been able to identify and manage out, leaders that did not reflect our company values. Moreover, we have been able to utilize their expertise to recruit, retain, and develop the best management team our company has ever had.”

Kurt Lester

Partner – Servi-Tek Commercial Building Services

We can’t thank Culture Works enough for the efforts they continually put into building the relationship with all of us here at BJ’s Rentals! We appreciate the insights CW has and the constant encouragement to be the best we can be.

We have certainly benefited with CW coming in and providing a fresh perspective on our day-to-day operations. As a results-driven company, CW has been able to help us improve our operations and efficiencies in the busiest aspect of our business. Operational inefficiencies in key areas were identified and processes of measuring effectiveness as well as improving communication were implemented. We appreciate the integrity and genuine enthusiasm of the entire CW team. It was money well spent.

Brad Thomas

Owner – BJs Commercial Equipment Rentals

“As a small business owner, I wear many hats to ensure my company runs smoothly and efficiently daily. As I began hiring more employees, it was obvious I was lacking in Human Resources support. Culture Works stepped in and within a month they identified areas of noncompliance, streamlined & improved processes, and corrected employee handouts to follow state and federal guidelines. 

Now, I feel confident when speaking to an employee if an issue arises and know Culture Works is only a phone call away if I do not know the answer. As an employer, feeling protected in a world of ever changing rules and regulations is vital. Culture Works gives our company that security. I would highly recommend them to any company, small or large, looking to manage and train your most important asset: your people.”

Lisa Lee

Owner – Accredited Aesthetician Academy