B2B Coaching.

Coaxing Service with Kristi combines coaching and consulting in an individualized plan that specializes in elevating purpose driven people and their businesses in the B2B sector.

Empowering Purpose Driven People Enhances Purpose Driven Businesses

Do you want or need Coaxing?
Coaxing is gentle and persistent nudges to help drive the purpose.

Kristi is the founder and CEO of Culture Works HR. She has spent most of her career in Consulting and Fractional HR, serving in multiple executive leadership and owner/operator roles. She is a practical, authentic, and optimistically real business owner.

Individualized Coaching Approach
Kristi has an individualized approach to working with her clients as a coach, cheerleader, and change agent. She takes the time to get to know her clients and their businesses to understand their motivators that drive their purpose.

Business Success through Organizational Leadership and Development
Kristi has worked with countless business owners, their right-hand successors, and leadership teams to support individuals and help create engaged teams, performance-driven operating systems, and company cultures that create true business success. Kristi has a passion for driving business success through an organizational leadership and development approach.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer
Kristi is a certified Emotional Intelligence trainer through TalentSmart™. She believes in living and building role and value-aligned practices using self-awareness techniques and emotional intelligence-based principles.

Coaching and Consulting Services
If you are looking to live your own purpose louder or enhance your company’s purpose, Kristi can be your coaching consultant for this journey. Kristi understands what running a business is like and how critical it is to have a trusted outside perspective that’s your advocate.

Your Individualized Coaxing Plan

Designed specifically for you.

Our B2B Coaxing Process Is Simple

  • Individualized coaching plan that is customized and committed (3-month min)
  • Weekly or Semi-Monthly – Calls and Connection
  • Coaxing through continued success management methods:
    • Coaching – Loving critic incentivized to impact a feed forward outcome.
    • Critiquing – Assessor Ability providing optimistic realism that is instantly applied.
    • Consulting – Skilled Catalyst for change advocating to drive purpose.

Interested in getting started?

If you are interested in learning more to see if Kristi is the right outside perspective to advocate driving your purpose, please reach out to connect!