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Exiting Your Business: Step #1, Revisit Your Org Chart

When exiting your business, ensure you maintain an organizational chart, which shows the internal structure of your organization or company.
Employee Retention

Shh… Retaining Your Top Talent Doesn’t Have to Be a Secret

You can retain top talent by making your employees feel special through praise, listening to their ideas, and encouraging development.
Effective Offer Letter

How to Write an Effective Offer Letter

A verbal job offer should be accompanied by a formal written offer letter detailing job title and description, schedule, salary and benefits, starting date, and more.
Human Connection Company Culture

10 Unique Ways to Support Your Company Culture Through Human Connection

There are many ways to support your company culture through human connection, including practicing listening and empathy, sharing personal goals, and more.

Top Proactive Recruitment Strategies

Proactive recruitment is identifying and engaging with candidates before a position comes open, and includes searching, engaging, nurturing, and converting prospects to employees.
How to ensure successful culture integration post-M&A

How to ensure successful culture integration post-M&A

Employee engagement doesn’t have to suffer when you merge two different cultures. The leaders of both companies hold the power to protect employees and help them successfully share their cultures. One strategy is a weekly leadership meeting in which everyone steps back from the chaos of the merger to highlight the advantages of both cultures and strategize on ways to bring the best of each culture together to create a new, optimized company culture that works for everyone.
How to Prevent the Great Resignation in your Business

How to Prevent the Great Resignation in your Business

Over the course of 2 years, people have created a clear image of what they want their work-life balance to look like. The requirement to work from home over the last few years created a world of possibilities for many companies. Employees now understand what is possible, in terms of workplace flexibility. 
What’s the Difference Between a Leader and a Manager?

What’s the Difference Between a Leader and a Manager?

As you have probably seen in any workplace, leaders have people who follow them and get behind their ideas and initiatives. While a manager simply has people who work for them. The biggest difference between the two is the influence and impact they have on the people with whom they interact.
hiring trends in the new year

Hiring Trends in the New Year

This can be explained for many reasons. One of the biggest draws towards remote work is that location doesn't matter anymore! A couple of years ago, the “Are you willing to relocate?” section of job applications might have been a scary thing to check off. Now, relocating isn’t required as often.