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happy employees

Do you know how happy (or unhappy) your employees are?

When was the last time you were really excited about something upcoming? You can probably name a few times in the last few weeks. When was the last time one of your employees felt really excited about something upcoming? Unsure? Taking the emotional temperature of your employees is just as important as taking your own. In order to create a company culture that fosters excellence, you need to be able to support your employees when they need it most.
are you re-onboarding your staff?

Are you Re-onboarding your Staff?

Many companies have made the decision to begin furloughing and laying off employees in the past five months. As businesses begin the process of returning to a new normal, leaders must consider the approach they are taking to bring those employees back. To maintain a positive company culture and keep your employees loyal to your company, you must go about this carefully. Are you re-onboarding your staff? If so, how?
employee practices handbook

Have you updated your Employee Practices Handbook?

Remember your Employee Practices Handbook? Have you updated it since the start of COVID? Be honest…  We understand that there has been quite a lot going on over the last few months. There’s a lot to think about, are customers going to come back to your business? What about employees? Where can you cut costs to stay profitable? We get it, rethinking your employee practices handbook may not be your first priority… but it should be.
Kristi Pastore CEO of Culture Works

CEO Spotlight: Kristi Pastore

At Culture Works, we understand that leadership is one of the most important ways to foster great culture. Our fearless leader, Kristi Pastore, is one of the best examples of creating a community to drive success throughout our company. So, we’ve decided to give you a little insight into what inspires her and how she’s gotten to where she is, CEO of Culture Works. Here’s our CEO Spotlight with Kristi Pastore:
Do I have to wear a mask all day?

Do I have to wear a mask all day?

Navigating mask mandates, employee concerns, and reopening protocols can be intimidating for any business owner. People have different views when it comes to how reopening should be implemented, so trying to please everyone is an uphill battle. The most important thing to keep in mind is the health and safety of your people. Addressing issues with compassion and empathy is the best way to handle concerns regarding new guidelines. 
"OMG I love you" is not a recruiting process

“OMG I love you” is Not a Recruiting Process

Have you ever met someone and just instantly clicked? You leave thinking this is the best conversation you have ever had. You bond about vacation spots, music, shared likes and dislikes. How could they not be the best employee you’ve ever hired? Well… they might not be.
purpose and profit

Purpose and Profit: Do the two go hand in hand?

When you think about profitability and productivity there’s a “p” word you may have overlooked… purpose.   Consider your favorite brands. Why are you loyal to them? Take Airbnb for example, their mission is to “help create a world where you can belong anywhere and where people can live in a place, instead of just traveling to it.” They have lived this mission by implementing purpose-centered programs to donate to nonprofits that help people who have been affected by disasters, conflict, or critical illness.  As a host, you can choose to donate a portion of your profits, and as a company, Airbnb has donated over $20 million to help those in need of housing.
fostering innovation

Fostering Innovation Within Your Company

Innovation in companies is what makes most companies successful. Most people think of innovation and they think of a fun, creative culture that is always trying new ways to do things. But that can be quite off of what it actually is. Innovation takes a lot of hard work, and a willingness to fail and start again-- from scratch.
empowering employees

How Can Empowering Employees Inspire Growth?

At the center of great companies are great employees.  In order to create great employees, you must motivate and inspire them to become better. Some leaders feel as though they have to make all the decisions regarding their company, but that’s not the case. As a leader, it is your responsibility to empower your employees to continue to grow as both employees and people. This begins with trust.