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Fractional HR vs Outsourced HR What's the Difference

Fractional HR vs Outsourced HR- What’s the Difference?

Hiring a fractional human resources team can help your company improve its HR functions. Many people think that outsourced and fractional mean the same thing.  At Culture Works, we think there’s a big difference… Here’s why:
happy thanksgiving from the culture works team!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Culture Works Team!

I think we can all agree, 2020 has thrown us some serious curveballs. However, there is still so much to be thankful for. According to Harvard Health, the practice of gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness, and I think we can all agree we would love some of that right now. 
5 tips to help you integrate purpose into your workplace

How to Integrate Purpose into Your Workplace

Integrating purpose into your workplace attributes to a better company culture with employees who are engaged and excited about work.
It’s Time Bring in Culture Operations Specialists

It’s Time Bring in Culture Operations Specialists

Company culture has become such an important part of a company’s identity. With 94% of executives believing that a distinct workplace culture is important to business success, culture has become a widespread high-priority. However, your business’ success doesn’t rely solely on building that culture, you need to begin operationalizing the internal processes that support and sustain an effective company culture over time. It’s time to bring in culture operations specialists.
how to recruit employees-- remotely

How to Recruit Employees– Remotely

As we all now know (hopefully) a global pandemic has taken the world by storm! As a result, there have been massive changes to the typical workforce. With safety in mind, 88% of employers encouraged or required employees to work from home. With such a massive influx of remote employees, companies (and employees) have seen the potential for an increase in remote worker hiring. 
How culture can f*ck up your merger

How culture can f*ck up your merger

Are you preparing your business for a merger or acquisition? While it is essential to get your financials and your business plan in order, it is also important to ensure your company culture is optimized. According to the study “Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field” 91% of executives said they believed improving company culture would increase their company’s valuation. Here’s why.
5 steps to ensure your new hire turns into a rockstar

5 Steps to Ensure Your New Hire Turns into a Rockstar

Hiring the right employees is one of the most important parts of your business, it can also be the most challenging. There is nothing worse than hiring an employee who has all of the skills, but is not properly aligned in their role. It’s expensive to hire and fire, so role and value alignment should be at the core of your recruiting process. Here are five steps to ensure your new hire turns into a rockstar.
How outsourced HR can help your company even when you're remote

How outsourced HR can help your company

Motivating a remote workforce can be a challenge for any HR department. Most companies have moved into a remote model through the end of the year, at least. How can you foster a great company culture when your team is separated from one another? Here's how to optimize your HR even when you're remote.

Do you want to be one of the best companies to work for? Here’s how!

SDBJ’s Best Places to Work nominees were published in the September 6th issue.    Whether you’re on the list or not, you can actually be one of the best places to work. It takes more than just a ping pong table in the common area and food truck Fridays. While those may be fun added perks for your employees, the real way to become one of the best companies to work for is to start from the ground up.