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of HR managers say their job descriptions are accurate


of job applicants say the job description was accurate


of employees are actively or passively looking for a new job

Operationalizing Culture: How to Turn Ideas into Actionable Processes

Company culture plays a vital role in a business's success, from employee engagement and productivity to profitability. However, operationalizing culture, or turning it into tangible and actionable processes, can be a challenge. Operationalizing…

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Business: Effective Change Management Strategies

Whether it's a new technology implementation, a rebranding effort, or a company-wide restructuring, change is a constant in the world of business. The good news?  There are effective ways to manage change and make the process as smooth as possible. 
Creative female executives talking and discussing in office.

How to Engage Employees and Talent Strategically

Engaging employees and talent strategically is crucial in today's competitive job market. To engage employees and talent strategically, you need to take care of your employees' mental health, create a culture of open communication, and reimagine…
Group of young multiracial business people

Culture Accountability: Why it is Essential in Creating a Strong Company Culture

culture accountability is all about taking the operational piece of culture and taking it one step further to ensure that the pieces that are in place are actually happening.
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Everything Small Business Owners Need to Know About Our Basic Package

with our Basic: Culture Ops Package, you get a team of experts dedicated to creating a strong culture within your business for an affordable price.
California’s new pay transparency law

California’s New Pay Transparency Law: What You Need to Know

California’s new pay transparency law is already having a major impact on employers and employees alike. Companies now need to be transparent about what they’re paying and offering to current employees and applicants, while job seekers…
Clothing store owners having a discussion

Flexible HR for Small Businesses

In this blog, we’ll break down some of these answers and look into some possible flexible HR solutions for small business owners.
Culture Works team

Why Did Kristi Pastore Start Culture Works? 

At Culture Works, we get sh*t done, drive results, and take action on undiscovered opportunities. However, this can be a big responsibility and isn’t always as easy as it looks.  So, how do we do it and why did we start? Today we’re…
learning and development program at an office

Lunch and Learns Aren’t Cutting It: Let’s Talk Learning and Development that Works

Did you know that 93% of employees say they will stay longer at a company that invests in their career development? Wow! Learning and development programs are directly related to greater employee retention and satisfaction.  Learning and development isn’t just about lunch and learns or a quick presentation on a Tuesday afternoon. So, how do we avoid those glazed over eyes and make programs that actually help our employees grow?