M&A Due Diligence.

Unlock the key to successful mergers and acquisitions with comprehensive due diligence.

Beyond Standard Assessments: Maximizing M&A Success

Elevating M&A Success Through Holistic Due Diligence.

In M&A due diligence, our team at Culture Works goes beyond standard assessments, delving into company culture, capabilities, and attitudes to provide insights crucial for success.

By uncovering risks, influencing negotiations, and facilitating seamless integration, we ensure strategic advantage in M&A ventures, collaborating with legal and forensic accounting teams for comprehensive decision-making.


Our approach starts with uncovering risk exposures that may exist during an M&A transaction in an effort to influence your negotiation strategy, protect your investment, and ensure seamless people and operations integration. We partner with legal and forensic accounting teams to help foster a holistic decision.


A successful M&A integration largely depends on the current leadership alignment and how it translates into succession planning and operational practices. Our team facilitates in-depth leadership interviews and works with internal stakeholders to dive into the People part of the equation.


We perform a virtual and/or onsite discovery to develop a customized assessment highlighting HR-related gaps within the target’s operation. At the end of the process, you are provided with a due diligence report and the ability to have a roadmap that highlights risk mitigation efforts.


How we do it.


Relevant discovery sessions, document and data collection, and a detailed review of the target’s HR and people-related practices and processes.


Our due diligence team analyzes and assesses the information to identify risk exposures and discrepancies.


We develop and deliver a Due Diligence Report and/or Roadmap to the buyers.

What you should expect.

A Thoughtful, Purposeful and Productive process led by a dedicated, unbiased, expert team that will guide you through every stage of the process.


An HR Due Diligence report and/or roadmap highlighting:

  • Culture and People Alignment Recommendations
  • Owner Operator Succession
  • Risk Exposure and Analysis
  • Best Practice Recommendations