Simply put: We find bright, motivated people and put them in the role that will keep them invested in your company’s success.

You need people who are energized creative organized fast-paced independent

Building a Killer Bench.

We are focused on Value & Role Alignment.

Our team spends countless hours creating a “bench” of great talent. So, when you’re ready to find a great team member, we know just the people to start your search.

Articulating your talent strategy well saves everyone time, money, and stress.

At Culture Works, we create processes for your hiring manager to implement that will make the hiring process more efficient and effective.  We carefully review and screen each candidate, administer customized assessments, and deliver value and role-aligned people to fit your needs.


We are passionate about value & role alignment. We implement a values-based recruiting process to attract, acquire, and retain exceptional talent that fits your culture and grows with your company.


We work to understand how your existing team contributes to your company culture which sets the foundation for this engagement. Our customized recruitment process gives your hiring managers an effective and efficient way to get the right people into the right roles.


We align with your internal hiring team to create and implement a customized recruitment strategy from one of our two packages.

Integrative Hire.

  • Extension of your HR that creates or expands ongoing recruiting initiatives
  • Full cycle coordination of recruitment efforts
  • Scouting and screening of active applicants
  • Candidate recaps and hiring manager debrief sessions

Strategic Recruitment.

Everything in Integrative Hire plus:

  • Actively targeting the best candidates for your hard-to-fill role
  • Confidential headhunting of passive candidates
  • Post-hire follow up
  • Guaranteed placements

Value & Role Alignment

Role aligned employees stay in their jobs.  Churn is expensive and hiring and firing take time and resources. Before you interview a candidate, we will already have a. strong sense of who the person is and how they align with the position they are stepping into.

We take great pride in our strategic interview process which is designed to eliminate hassle.

What our clients say.

“Culture Works developed a specific training program that provided guidance and evaluation of our entire leadership team. It has turned out to be one of the greatest investment we have ever made.We realized we were spending all of our time redirecting our management team and dealing with unacceptable turnover.

With the help of Culture Works, we have been able to identify and manage out, leaders that did not reflect our company values and utilize CW’s expertise to recruit, retain, and develop the best management team our company has ever had.”

Kurt Lester

Partner – Servi-Tek Commercial Building Services

“We have certainly benefited with Culture Works coming in and providing a fresh perspective on our day-to-day operations. As a results-driven company, Culture Works has been able to help us improve our operations and efficiencies in the busiest aspect of our business. Operational inefficiencies in key areas were identified and processes of measuring effectiveness as well as improving communication were implemented. We appreciate the integrity and genuine enthusiasm of the entire CW team. It was money well spent.”

Brad Thomas

Owner – BJs Commercial Equipment Rentals

“As a small business owner, I wear many hats to ensure my company runs smoothly and efficiently daily. As I began hiring more employees, it was obvious I was lacking in Human Resources support. Culture Works stepped in and within a month they identified areas of noncompliance, streamlined & improved processes, and corrected employee handouts to follow state and federal guidelines. 

Now, I feel confident when speaking to an employee

if an issue arises and know Culture Works is only a phone call away if I do not know the answer. As an employer, feeling protected in a world of ever changing rules and regulations is vital. Culture Works gives our company that security. I would highly recommend them to any company, small or large, looking to manage and train your most important asset: your people.”

Lisa Lee

Owner – Accredited Aesthetician Academy