Our Core Values

What matters most.


Our Values.

Culture works is a partner. 

We are a trusted resource working with companies to improve their processes, to operationalize their company culture, to invest in their people through leadership training and to bring purpose into everything they do.

In all things, transparency, partnership and leadership are paramount.

We understand the work it takes to build a great culture and be your best self every day. It’s not easy but Culture Works is dedicated to finding ways to make the operations of a company support that journey.

Momentum Makers

We are a team that moves the needle forward while maintaining focus on empowering leaders and strengthening culture.

Game Changers

We get sh*t done, drive results, and take action on undiscovered opportunities.

Impactful Innovators

We help people evolve faster and further, serving as a catalyst for change through building strong relationships.

Transparent Partners

Authenticity is everything to us. We provide value by taking on each new partnership with an open, honest, and creative approach.

Tenaciously Fun Energizers

We are enthusiastically determined to approach work and life in a refreshingly daring way.

What inspires us.

We build kick-ass cultures

We use our experience for the good of all

We help companies build better scalable processes

We energize workplaces

We move the needle

We help people align with the purpose and goals of the company

We make HR + Operations work together

What our team says.

I’d rather work here than anywhere else.  Knowing that I am a part of something that moves the needle for our clients every day gives me a great sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Our team is supportive and energized.  It’s like no other company I’ve worked with before.

I love what I do.  A large part of that is the way every team member’s contribution is respected.  Our honesty and energy are valued and we all can ask for help without feeling we’ll be reprimanded for not knowing.

Well, I got to invent my own title… so that says a lot. Chief Innovation Officer.  I get to innovate all day long, when I’m not actually working which takes up most of every day.  We work hard but we like it… Or, I think the rest of the team likes it, I haven’t asked.