Our Purpose

We align purpose, people, and process to maximize success through dynamic culture operations.

We are your HR Compliance Learning & Development Culture Building Talent Strategy Awesome Workplace Creating Process Driven "Get Your Team Energized" Recruiting Role Aligning partner

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to operationalize your culture through improved middle management processes that allow the front line to focus on successful operations, and the leadership team to focus on the future.

Culture Works when Purpose, People, and Process are aligned. When people and processes are aligned, you’ll reach your company’s goals faster.

Good Culture Works for you.

That’s why we do what we do.  

Our Philosophy.

Enabling your success drives our motivation by focusing on culturally-infused engagements. We impact culture & talent by aligning & integrating people and processes.

Our team fosters role alignment which in turn increases engagement, creates an energized culture, aligns values, and most importantly… drives RESULTS.

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What our clients say.

“We have certainly benefited with Culture Works coming in and providing a fresh perspective on our day-to-day operations. As a results-driven company, Culture Works has been able to help us improve our operations and efficiencies in the busiest aspect of our business. Operational inefficiencies in key areas were identified and processes of measuring effectiveness as well as improving communication were implemented. We appreciate the integrity and genuine enthusiasm of the entire CW team. It was money well spent.”

Brad Thomas

Owner – BJs Commercial Equipment Rentals

“Culture Works developed a specific training program that provided guidance and evaluation of our entire leadership team. It has turned out to be one of the greatest investment we have ever made.We realized we were spending all of our time redirecting our management team and dealing with unacceptable turnover.

With the help of Culture Works, we have been able to identify and manage out, leaders that did not reflect our company values and utilize CW’s expertise to recruit, retain, and develop the best management team our company has ever had.”

Kurt Lester

Partner – Servi-Tek Commercial Building Services

“As a small business owner, I wear many hats to ensure my company runs smoothly and efficiently daily. As I began hiring more employees, it was obvious I was lacking in Human Resources support. Culture Works stepped in and within a month they identified areas of noncompliance, streamlined & improved processes, and corrected employee handouts to follow state and federal guidelines. 

Now, I feel confident when speaking to an employee if an issue arises and know Culture Works is only a phone call away if I do not know the answer. As an employer, feeling protected in a world of ever changing rules and regulations is vital. Culture Works gives our company that security. I would highly recommend them to any company, small or large, looking to manage and train your most important asset: your people.”

Lisa Lee

Owner – Accredited Aesthetician Academy