Case Study – Strengthening Organizational Culture and HR Operations for Seamless Transition and Growth

About The Organization

The organization is a San Diego-based management services company that helps independent practice physicians balance quality care with the freedom to make their own business decisions. With over 80 years of experience, they offer expertise in navigating regulatory and administrative challenges.



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Our Engagement Focus Areas

  • A significant portion of the organization’s medical practices, including the Director of Human Resources, transitioned to another group. In preparation for the transition, the organization approached Culture Works for help:
    • Evaluating the current state and desired state of the Human Resources/People Function.
    • Identifying the bigger issues, in and post-transition.
    • Developing a roadmap of priorities.
  • Post-transition, Culture Works and organization leadership focused efforts on establishing and operationalizing the Human Resources structure and practices.



  • Learning & Development: facilitated monthly sessions for managers to enhance their leadership skills and abilities.
  • California-required Employee Supervisor Harassment Prevention Training.


  • Talent Acquisition: established talent acquisition and recruiting best practices and tools to align with the organization’s needs and compensation structure.
  • Performance Success System: developed a more interactive performance review system for the employees and managers and updated corresponding forms.
  • HRIS System Implementation: evaluated available modules to ensure the organization was maximizing the potential of their HRIS system.
  • Surveys: Conducted Culture Pulse Survey and a Value Survey to develop a company value statement for talent acquisition needs.
  • Job Descriptions: developed new job descriptions highlighting the company’s value statement, employee expectations, and company culture.
  • Compensation Analysis: conducted benchmarking for the organization and physician office roles and created resources to communicate the company’s compensation philosophy to the medical practices.


  • Telecommuting Manual and Telecommuting Agreement: developed and implemented to align with COVID-19 requirements.
  • Wage Band Development and Implementation: evaluated and established internal pay equity practices.
  • Employee Handbook: evaluated current policies and provided recommendations and updates to meet current state and federal requirements.
  • Revamped Employee Onboarding: updated and streamlined the onboarding process for an enhanced candidate experience.
  • Leave of Absence and Employee Relations: provided support and best practices to assist SmartCare leadership.
  • Ongoing HR support to assist in compliance, regulations, and best practices.
  • Partnership