An Impactful Journey with Onbe

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About Onbe

A fintech company that modernizes business-to-individual disbursements, providing on-demand payment experiences without in-house complexity. With 25+ years of payments innovation, they’ve transformed large-scale disbursements through managed prepaid programs, serving thousands of clients and processing $100B+ in payments. They revolutionize payments with fast, convenient, and adaptable solutions.

The Challenge

The company engaged us for a 90-day collaboration to address key challenges arising from their merger. Our expertise was leveraged in various critical areas, including pay harmonization, job title alignment, and compensation band evaluation across campuses. We devised a tailored “bridge” bonus plan for 2021, enhancing motivation during the transition. Collaborating closely with the CRO, we crafted commission plans aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. Through handbook consolidation, we established a unified employee guide, fostering organizational consistency. Our focus on high-potential employees and leadership touch points strengthened leadership development. We conducted comprehensive salary evaluations using industry benchmarks for fair remuneration. Working alongside the CTO, we identified payroll synergies for enhanced operational efficiency. Additionally, our recommendations for the 2022 platform selection laid a robust technological foundation. This collaborative partnership successfully addressed the company’s specific objectives, facilitating a successful merger and supporting their strategic goals.


  • Evaluate and harmonize pay levels, job titles, compensation bands between 2 entities.
  • Created “bridge” bonus plan and compensation bands
  • Collaborated with the executive leadership team to identify company values based on their roles, responsibilities, and personal values.
  • Conducted inclusive discussions around values survey results to foster commitment and alignment.
  • Explored and highlighted Onbe’s unique differentiators compared to competitors to strengthen the company’s cultural identity.
  • Defined tangible actions and behaviors that aligned with the newly established values.
  • Fostered ongoing collaboration and discussion for continuous improvement in line with the company’s cultural goals.


  • Recognized the connection between culture, operations, and brand success, working towards a winning culture and growth mindset.
  • Reviewed and updated the vision and mission statements to reflect the newly established values and ensure alignment.
  • Developed a clear and actionable structure for the company’s core values to guide day-to-day operations.
  • Identified areas for improvement, such as enhancing communication and inclusiveness, to foster a positive and engaging workplace culture.
  • Condensed the values evolution process, streamlining it from 6-12 weeks to 2-3 weeks for efficient implementation.
  • Acknowledged the importance of successful conflict management for progress, enabling effective resolution of issues and maintaining a harmonious work environment.
  • Created a high potential list for talent attraction and retention strategy.
  • Created unified Handbook and strategic rollout plan.