Case Study – An Impactful Journey With Dvele

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About Dvele

Dvele creates sustainable, innovative homes that prioritize health. The Scandinavian heritage of the company founders inspires them to create homes that contribute to a better future. They uphold the region’s legacy of producing high-quality, prefabricated homes. By incorporating biophilic design elements, they strive to create homes that support their well-being. Their goal is to build a more sustainable, equitable future for all.



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Quarterly Game Plans

Our Engagement Focus Areas

When Dvele experienced high turnover and rapid growth, they realized the need for a more robust HR strategy. They approached Culture Works to help them establish complete HR documentation, standards, and SOPs, as well as provide training for their managers.

While Dvele had identified key areas for improvement, Culture Works took the lead in developing a comprehensive plan to address their needs. As experts in the field, we collaborated with Dvele to create Culture Success Roadmaps and Quarterly Game Plans, which identified priorities and initiatives to attract and retain quality personnel throughout their organization.

Through our partnership, Dvele gained the tools and knowledge to effectively manage their teams and define career paths for their staff.



  • Helped establish the HR department, mentored, and developed the HR team.
  • Created a Learning & Development plan for supervisors and managers to enhance their leadership skills and abilities, and lead their teams effectively. The program included weekly 1:1 leadership coaching and training sessions.
  • Monthly team-building activity calendar for production supervisors to build cross-functional relationships and collaboration, and foster a cohesive culture.
  • Organized and conducted ongoing events to recognize and thank employees, and promote environmental impact in alignment with their company culture of sustainability.
  • Conducted a tri-annual employee survey and developed a plan to address any identified issues and employee communication plan.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) 400% plus increase. The initial survey identified low employee morale and satisfaction in the foundry. The implementation of culture and teambuilding initiatives mentioned above resulted in the eNPS increase from +5.63 to +32.22.


  • Developed a company core values evolution process, launch, and implementation initiative.
  • Launched Culture Operations Playbook. The playbook details the company’s mission, values, and desired culture. It provided guidelines and examples for employees on how to embody the company’s culture and achieve its goals.
  • Produced the company newsletter and monthly articles as part of the company values launch as a means to reinforce values and culture. The newsletter included updates on company news, employee spotlights, and upcoming events. Articles reinforced core beliefs, including supporting local farmers’ markets and sustainability.
  • Created a performance success system, including forms, designed to foster more employee and manager involvement, and incorporated core values. The appraisal form was designed to include clear, objective criteria for evaluating employee performance and provided space for comments and feedback.
  • Created interview guides and forms to attract culturally aligned candidates, and ensure consistency and thoroughness in the interview process.


  • Developed job descriptions for all employees, including the executive team. Identified the roles, responsibilities, required qualifications, and company culture alignment for each position.
  • Redesigned the bonus plan to truly incentivize employees to achieve their performance goals. Considered KPIs with individual and team performance, production targets, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Developed employee handbook
  • Created a new hire orientation deck and developed the internal HR team to be able to conduct employee onboarding, including new hire 30-60-90 check-ins.
  • Assisted in HRIS migration and implementation.
  • Ongoing HR support to assist in compliance, regulations, and best practices, such as LOAs and employee relations.