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Culture works for businesses, culture works for employees, culture works internally in companies to facilitate organizational change, stop churn and make productivity soar.

More than Human Resources, we provide the processes to operationalize culture in your organization.

We solve the problem of churn, lack of productivity and inefficient or noncompliant internal processes. We are experts at implementing organization-wide value and role alignment. We are not like other HR companies. We think and live outside the box. Our team fits into your culture.

With us you get a partner with depth of knowledge and experience and our custom created wholistic culture solutions.

Our Philosophy.

Your purpose creates our success. Our focus is culture infused QGPs.  Our team impacts culture & talent by aligning & integrating people and processes.

Our team transforms role alignment which in turn increases engagement, creating an operationalized culture, aligned values and most importantly… RESULTS. 

What our clients say.

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We’re not an outsourced HR model. We are more of a fractional service partner. We require a stakeholder and an owner to commit to the partnership and engagement. Our average engagement with a client lasts 2-3 years. Once we understand the company’s lifecycle and their purpose, we tend to move through Culture,Talent and HR initiatives with them

New California HR Law Updates

Cal Saver Program

Cal Savers is a state run retirement savings program. Private sector employers in California with five or more employees must participate in CalSavers if they do not already have a workplace retirement plan in place.  Employees working for eligible employers will be automatically enrolled in the Cal Savers plan, but can opt out of it. 

Understanding California's Sexual Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention Training

California Sexual Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention Training Deadline: January 1, 2021

As a reminder, the California law requires employers with five or more employees to provide sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all employees by January 1, 2021.

Nonsupervisory Employees: one (1) hour training within six months of hire, and every two years thereafter.
Supervisors and Managers (including out of state supervisors of California employees): two (2) hours of training within six months of hire or promotion into a supervisory position and every two years thereafter. 
Seasonal and Temporary Employees: within 30 calendar days of the hire date or within 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first. Employees working less than 30 calendar days and working less than 100 hours do not have to be trained.
Note: Employers are not required to train Independent Contractors, Unpaid Interns, or Volunteers.

A Day in the Life of a Culture Works Client

Working with Culture Works to operationalize your culture, talent, and HR processes is unlike working with any other fractional HR team. At Culture Works, we work within an extremely focused skillset, we craft Quarterly Game Plans to drive results for your business, and we believe in what we do. Our passionate HR team is here to help your team create success every step of the way. In an effort to give away a few of our secrets, we are sharing a typical 30, 60, and 90-day engagement breakdown as a Culture Works client. 

The Top Challenges HR Teams Face in 2021

The year 2020 will be remembered as a year with that involved massive changes that altered the workforce as we know it. As most companies transition into remote work, and the greater responsibilities of companies to ensure diversity and inclusion remains a prevalent issue, human resources has taken on a completely different role. 

Wage and hour issues with a remote workforce

As we approach nearly a year of COVID-related closures and employees working remotely, it’s safe to say that this may be the new reality. Twitter, Square, and Facebook have all adopted an indefinite work from home policy, while other major companies have pushed their reopening to later in 2021. As most employers have discovered this year, employees can still perform their job functions effectively when working remotely. 

Understanding New COVID-19 Related Requirements

The regulations for employers regarding COVID-19 are constantly changing. Because of this, we wanted to give you a one-stop-shop to all your COVID-19 regulation related questions. Below we highlight the various changes, as well as other resources that expand on the new regulations. Please reach out to the Culture Works team with any questions or concerns, we are happy to help you navigate the various requirements!

What do the new sexual harassment training laws mean for your business?

California has updated the laws surrounding sexual harassment training effective Jan. 1, 2021

As of January 1, 2021, the laws regarding sexual harassment training in the workplace have changed.  The California Fair Employment and Housing Act protects employees from unlawful practices and harassment. Starting in 2005, the law required employers with 50 or more employees to provide at least 2 hours of training and education on the subject of sexual harassment and abusive conduct. This year, the requirement has been adjusted to apply to businesses with five or more employees.

How to make your New Year's Resolutions last

How to make your New Year’s Resolutions last longer than your 5-day juice cleanse. 

The New Year has arrived! I think we all can take a massive sigh of relief as we head into 2021. Here’s hoping 2021 has better things in store for us!

With that being said, it’s time to reflect on the past year and create new resolutions for 2021. While surviving 2020 was an accomplishment in and of itself, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming year with optimism and start setting goals for the year ahead! How can you set a resolution that improves your life long-term?

Our Employees share their favorite holiday traditions!

Happy Holidays from the Culture Works team! This holiday season may look different than most, however it is still a great time to take a break from work and spend time with family (in-person or virtually!) Now is time time to prioritize connecting with loved ones, and staying present in the moment.