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Leadership development programs are essential to creating a workforce that grows and thrives as a team. Implementing a strong leadership development team allows employees to feel important, and for your company to have the best leadership possible. When you develop these programs to align with your purpose, you create leaders centered around the central goals of your organization. Here are a few steps to take to develop a great leadership development program:

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Anyone can manage a team of people, but it takes a special type of leader to inspire and motivate a workforce. While some people seem like they are born to be leaders, being a good leader is a trait that is learned and practiced constantly. One of the biggest factors that contribute to a good leader is a high emotional intelligence level. 

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The effects of Coronavirus have spread throughout the world. If you are a business owner, you have likely seen a shift in your workforce throughout these few months. Leaders during a time like this, have to take a different approach to motivate their teams. Not only have business owners had to restructure their business involving their employees and how they work, but they have also had to consider the ‘new normal’ that will be implemented. So what does it take to inspire and motivate employees among all the change and how can they avoid the potential management traps?

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Inspiring employees to stay motivated once they have been at the company for a long time can be difficult for some employers. There are many creative ways to improve company culture within the organization, but will that be enough to keep employees around? Is money the best way to keep employee engagement and motivation? Let’s explore!

Many studies have been conducted throughout the years about what motivates employees. Most of the results have come back confusing and complicated because we’re all humans with different wants and needs. For most employees, the money isn’t as important as you would expect.

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Leaders who are able to transform their company culture understand that accountability delivered in a positive manner creates a trusting, engaged, successful environment for employees. Employees that are given the opportunity to trust each other, collaborate, and are invested in the companies purpose they feel as though they have an important role in the companies success. So how can you tell if your workplace culture is lacking in the accountability realm?

Here are a few indications that you might want to reframe your accountability method:

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Each year the HR laws update and change to accommodate the current environment we live in. These new laws help protect employee rights and bring clarification to the employer’s responsibilities. These laws help employees feel safe and secure in their work environment, which, in turn, upgrades your company culture.  

As an employer being aware of these laws and staying compliant ensures your success as a business. Any new updates serve as a baseline for company culture, if you can go above and beyond these regulations you will have a company culture that thrives.

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Attract ENGAGE Retain. 

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. 

But you can’t force someone to be engaged. 

Once you’ve got a candidate through the hiring, onboarding and training process, you really want to retain them.  But what about two years in, five years in.  What do you do as a company to re-engage and thereby retain your staff?

People are engaged when they feel they make a difference.  People are engaged when they feel appreciated.  People are engaged when they feel a sense of purpose.  People are engaged when they feel aligned with the company’s values.

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A SMART Goal is one that is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.  A not so smart goal is one that is general, fantastical, pulled out of thin air, and going to happen sometime soon. 

Being an effective leader depends on what kind of team you lead, what your personality is, and what your company’s goals and trajectory are.  A good leader for a startup is not necessarily a good leader for an established bank or other slow and steady business. But all leaders need to set goals, SMART goals, and make sure they follow up on the results. 

Leading a team, an organization, or just a single person can sometimes be a challenge. Creating success for your company as a leader requires a well-thought-out and actionable plan. At Culture Works we believe company culture fosters success within an organization. Here are a few ways to take your leadership beyond simply managing employees.

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California is often the trailblazer in legislation.  In the case of the #metoo movement, there are a series of laws that were passed in January 2020 to address sexual harassment, whistleblowing, and a lack of women in leadership roles. 

While there is always room for improvement, we think the following legislation is worth revisiting.  As an employer it is your responsibility to not only do the cursory harassment prevention training but to create a company culture that supports honesty and respect and rewards whistleblowing for those who see culture parasites destroying the goodwill you spend months and years building up.