What to Expect

When You Hire Culture Works

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Here’s What to Expect when you Hire Culture Works:

Hiring any kind of service provider requires research and trust and, in the end, a leap of faith.  We like to take away as much guesswork in the process of choosing us as we do in your HR processes once we’re hired.  So, let’s go over what you can expect…

First 30 days

Customize 30 Day GamePlan

Review Commitment to 30-60-90 Day Process

Establish expectations for:

  • Results, Experience, and Value
  • Approach & Working Dynamics
  • Contact Info
  • Cadence|Working Sessions
  • 30/60/90 Check-ins with Stakeholders
  • Joint Ownership


  • 30 Day Partner Committed Plan

First 60 days

Review KPIs and Milestones of 30-day GamePlan

Collectively Align to Create 60 Day Plan


  • 30 Day Partner Committed Plan
  • Results
  • Experience
  • Value to date
  • Alignment


  • 60 Day Partner Committed Plan

First 90 days

Reflect on 60-day Partner Committed Plan

Collectively Align to Create Quarterly Game Plan


  • 60 Day Partner Committed Plan
  • Results
  • Experience
  • Value to date
  • Alignment


  • Quarterly Game Plan (90 Day)


  • Stakeholders complete Client Experience Survey
  • Approach

Assign your success team

Assess your company needs

Determine specific assessments

Quarterly Game Plan creation

Process implementation  (HR, Recruiting and Culture)

Implementation of Learning &Development programs

Finalize Quarterly Game Plan

Identify ongoing friction points & create plans to address

Assess Learning &Development efficacy

  • Strategy

CW and Company stakeholder weekly meeting to address real time needs

Conduct Gap Analysis

Administer Assessments

Regular coordination with CW Team and Company stakeholder

Engagement surveys

Practical hands-on HR & Recruiting process implementation

Daily implementation of strategies and processes

Launch of initiatives in culture, values, recruiting and operations

Company-wide implementation of initiatives (regular meetings, email blasts and communication)

  • Success Factors

Completed assessments

Initial gap analysis report

Proposed Learning & Development programs to support findings

Company-wide meeting to align with initiatives

Draft of Quarterly Game Plan ready for collaboration

Engagement evaluation data reflects 8 weeks of CW efforts

Streamlined time-saving processes

Optimized retention

Clear operations to support all initiatives outlined in Month 1.

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