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What Culture Works is Grateful for This Year

It’s the season of gratitude, and the Culture Works team wanted to express what they’re thankful for. Read on to hear their responses, and get to know the team a little better!

 What Are You Grateful for This Year?
AmberI am thankful for my kids, and the inspiration they bring to me to be a better person every day. My home, there’s no place like home. And my health, so that I can enjoy so many special moments in life.
AlexisI am thankful for my growing family and the time that I get to have with my daughter. Thankful for my health and wellness and those around me that support me. I am thankful for all the new experiences that I will have as a new mom.
ClaudiaI am thankful for my amazing husband, family, friends and community, and the health of those around me. I am grateful for life itself and the personal growth that comes from traveling to new (and old) places. Last, but not least, having an awesome job where we get to impact so many people!
CourtneyI am grateful for life. I love the life I live. I am healthy, and I have healthy kids and a supportive and loving husband. My family lives close and are all healthy and loving and involved. I try to take in all the small things. Breathing the ocean air, looking at bugs with my boys, taking nature walks, and snuggling. I am grateful for all the little moments that make up life. 
CymbreI am grateful for my health and my family’s health. I am grateful to wake up everyday and have the ability to positively impact the people I encounter.
DianeI have always been grateful for my health and the health of those around me. We can never take that for granted because without it, we cannot experience and share in what this beautiful life has to offer – we need to care for everyone and everything in this world!
HowieI am grateful for my amazing family and friends and always being surrounded by loved ones. I am grateful for music, colors, and the ocean. I am grateful for laughter and for the challenges in life that shape who I am. I am especially grateful for my incredibly loving wife who always reminds me to be grateful.
Jenn There is so much to be grateful for. I am forever thankful for the health and happiness of the people I love. Every day is a gift and I am so blessed to spend them with my family, friends, and loved ones.
KarlaThere is so much I am both grateful and thankful for year-round, but especially around this time of the year. My blessings consist of my sweet and loving family, fur babies, friends, work-family, and always, God.
KateI am most grateful that I get to wake up every morning to a family that is happy and healthy and work that I am passionate about. I have wonderful people in my life that keep me laughing and give me perspective and I will never take that for granted.
KristiI am grateful for time with my mom and family, having the best husband and son in the world, the most amazing best friends, and the best team I’ve ever been honored to work with and drive our purpose!
LeaI am immensely grateful for the continued health and safety of my family and friends.  I’m also thankful for the small pleasures in life: a hot cup of tea, a good book, the smell of the ocean, and fresh doughnuts.
MargieWhat I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is my good health, my loving family and friends as well as having an awesome job . . . All of these provide for a happy, fulfilling, and peaceful life for which I am deeply grateful!
MichelleI am thankful for the most amazing family. I have the most supportive blood and chosen family who are gracious and wonderful humans.
SabrinaI am grateful for the love from my children, the support from my friends, and the air in my lungs.
SimoneI am grateful for where I am at in my life and everyone who is a part of it. My husband, family, friends, and co-workers make each day’s journey more exciting, fun, and purposeful, and I am extremely thankful for that. 

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happy thanksgiving from the culture works team!

I think we can all agree, 2020 has thrown us some serious curveballs. However, there is still so much to be thankful for. According to Harvard Health, the practice of gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness, and I think we can all agree we would love some of that right now.