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The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment


What’s Your Personality Profile?:

Claudia is an ENTP on Meyers-Briggs, Di on DISC, and her top 5 CliftonStrengths are Activator, Maximizer, Individualization, Learner, and Relator.

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You’re Not Working?:

She loves to cook, travel, cycle, hike, and spend time with family and friends. A perfect day involves having friends and family over for a great meal. Three of her favorite trips were cycling in Provence, the Costa Brava region of Spain, and the Pyrenees.

What’s one fact about your education or upbringing that few people know?:

She grew up outside of the US and learned English when she was 9 years old!

If you were to look back from the age of 80 and tell yourself anything what would it be?:

If she were to look back from the age of 80 and give her younger self some advice, it would be to ask herself: “Did you live life to the fullest, are you proud of what you accomplished, are you surrounded by people that you love and love you back?”

What are 2 things on your bucket list?:

A couple of items on her bucket list are to visit Machu Picchu and go on a cycling trip to Tuscany!

Want to read my more traditional bio?

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