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Why Your Company’s Core Values Are Essential to Success

The last two years have brought a slew of changes for employers. These changes include remote work on the rise, the Great Resignation resulting in millions of employees leaving their jobs, as well as an influx of millennials and Gen Z joining the workforce.

Many of these events can cause employers to feel disconnected from their employees. Don’t worry, we have a solution to focus and reconnect teams with their company culture – it’s been on a poster in the HR office this whole time! 

How to Bring Emotional Intelligence into the Workplace

In a survey of hiring managers, nearly 75% of respondents stated they value an employee’s emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) over their IQ. Why? Emotional intelligence is linked to more productive and satisfied employees… Hello, retention!

People Partners Are the New HR

What do you think of when you think of HR? 

The friendly co-worker always sipping lemon tea and bringing donuts? Thursday morning workshops squeezed into the schedule? The adorably decorated office visit to talk about benefits? Some might even think of impersonal conversations about rules and regulations. (It’s okay, you can say it.) We’ll let you in on a little secret: we don’t like those impersonal conversations either. That’s why we’re leaving them in the old HR.

We’ll tell you what we think of when we think of HR: people.

5 Team-Building Exercises That Don’t Suck

Here, stand on a table and fall backward into my arms: 5team-building exercises that don’t suck

Picture this: your manager walks into your office, tells you to be in the common room in 15 for ‘team-building’ exercises. What’s your first instinct? Speaking from experience, run! 

What if we told you the days of dreaded, forced team-building exercises are over? Believe it or not, it’s possible to make team-building a positive experience for everyone involved. We know… ground-breaking.

How to Retain Your Top Talent During Your M&A

Raise your hand if you want a frigid work environment! Nobody? Well… 

It’s no secret that downsizing or merging a business means facing inevitable challenges such as combining two different work cultures. The process is often expensive and draining, but there are steps that can support a smooth transition for both employers and employees. 


COVID-19 Vaccine- What Employers Need to Know

The COVID-19 vaccine has now become widely available in the U.S. As more and more people get the vaccine, employers are asking whether or not the vaccine can or should be required to return to in-person work in the office. With the desire for life to return to normal, some employers think of the vaccine as a way to make employees feel safe as they return back to the office, however, this may bring up greater HR issues that employers may not yet have considered. 

Bad Person vs. Bad Hire- What’s the Difference?

As a business owner looking to create a company culture that aligns with your values and purpose, it is essential that you take the time to interview potential employees thoroughly. The right team can make or break your company, helping you achieve your goals, productivity, and sales, and further contributing to a winning company culture. It’s also important to understand that there is a difference between a bad hire and a bad person. 

When to Hire a Fractional HR Team

If your human resources team feels like they don’t have enough time in the day to contribute to crafting your company culture in a profound way, you may want to consider hiring a fractional HR team. At Culture Works, our team sets out to assist your HR professionals with all their operational processes. Let’s dive deeper into how a fractional human resources team can help your organization see greater success.

Can Company Culture Change?

Company culture is one of the most talked-about topics for business owners and human resource professionals. Your organization’s culture can make or break your business. Many companies are now realizing their culture needs to reflect their company’s values in order to attract and retain the best employees and see long-term success.