Case Study – An Impactful Journey With VPA

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An investment bank and advisory firm specializes in mergers and acquisitions, private capital raising, and financial advisory services. They offer clients industry-focused bankers and experts in transaction advisory, valuation, and disputes, providing opinions fully supported to withstand scrutiny. Their consultants work with organizations to manage risk, make informed decisions, and contain costs through process improvement.



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A rapidly growing company approached us for assistance with their recruitment needs and to act as a fractional HR partner, able to build their HR foundation and bench of people. With no internal HR department and only one in-house HR person, they required help with hiring 8-10 people, mostly in consulting, and managing a consulting staffing agency. They needed someone with a strong recruiting background and generalist HR knowledge to screen and fill these positions. Additionally, the client required a full-time permanent COO and help with posting and screening for other operational roles. Our team provided benchmarking and recommendations to assist the client in quickly filling these critical roles, ensuring they could continue their rapid growth with a capable team in place.



  • Revamped and trained employees through brief feedback sessions.
  • Conducted 360 surveys for MDs/VPs to enhance leadership effectiveness.
  • Created a leadership and career development mentorship program with Naomi and Rich to empower employees and promote career growth.
  • Established role alignment and clear expectations for all positions, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Implemented anti-bias/diversity and inclusion training in October to promote a more inclusive workplace culture.
  • Conducted Clifton Strengths assessment sessions and monthly lunch and learns to increase employee engagement and promote personal development.
  • Planned for future culture accountability initiatives, such as enhancing the mentorship program and role alignment, to continually improve the workplace.
  • Established Career Investment Plans (CIP) and implemented quarterly check-ins, mentorship programs, and manager training to promote employee career development and engagement.
  • Implemented VPA values throughout the organization and reviewed current methods, resulting in a more cohesive and values-driven workplace culture.


  • Successfully closed the 2021-2022 performance cycle and operationalized performance reviews for adoption to improve employee performance and development.
  • Improved the employee experience by revising the 30|60|90 training and assimilation process.
  • Held managers accountable for onboarding and 30|60|90 day check-in processes, resulting in better employee engagement and retention.
  • Streamlined the performance review process by revising MD and non-MD annual review templates, aligning with leadership development, and ensuring performance success systems were in place and aligned with company goals and strategy.
  • Partnered with CW Recruitment for office visits as needed to improve talent acquisition and retention.
  • Conducted a “Culture Pulse” survey to gather employee feedback and improve workplace culture.
  • Reviewed and enhanced the performance review and onboarding processes to improve employee experience and operationalize values in all processes, resulting in better employee engagement and retention.


  • Delivered the first draft of the handbook revision for client review to ensure compliance and improve employee experience.
  • Provided HR generalist support as needed, including adherence to harassment prevention training, to ensure a fair and inclusive workplace.
  • Drafted total compensation statements as of August 1, 2022 to promote transparency and improve employee engagement.
  • Drafted a plan for phase 1 of streamlining manual HR processes (i.e., onboarding) using automation opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Facilitated the pregnancy disability process and provided HR support for the Jr Controller’s leave of absence during COVID-19 office reopening to support employee well-being and retention.
  • Oversaw benefits renewal with SSA insurance to ensure employee benefits are up-to-date and competitive.
  • Updated new hire and onboarding checklists by state to ensure compliance and improve the employee experience.
  • Monitored potential employment litigation to mitigate legal risks and protect the company’s reputation.
  • Maintained current new hire and onboarding processes to ensure consistency and efficiency.
  • Finalized and disseminated new PTO policy and disseminated “Return to Office” survey to improve employee experience and retention.
  • Ensured completion of harassment prevention training and Cal-OSHA requirements/self-attestations to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace.
  • Streamlined HR functions by targeting HR automation opportunities and enhancing company culture through organizational best practices, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Provided employee relations support as needed to promote employee well-being and engagement.